Standard Install Reflex Racing Handguards

Want to know how to install Reflex Racing handguards?

Watch the detailed step by step instructions or install video below.

9 Steps to Install Reflex Racing Handguards

Read through these instructions to the end. Professional services may be required.

1. Cut a minimal amount off the end of the grips. Expose the end of the handlebar.

2. Loosen the throttle assembly. Slide the throttle tube out on the handlebar.

3. Drill the end of the throttle tube with a step drill bit. If a step drill bit is not available, then use a knife or a hack saw. Remove any material that may catch on the end of the bar.

4. Slide the tube back on to the bar. Leave a small amount approximately 1/8” of the bar exposed, then secure the throttle tube assembly and check for smooth operation.

5. Fasten the inner mounts (flat side up) to the handlebars next to the handlebar clamps. Use medium lock tight on the Allen screws.

6. Slide the bar end wedge clamp into the handlebar end and over the cable protruding from the inner mount simultaneously. Extra aluminum sleeves are to protect cable, use as needed based on length of exposed cable.

7. Push the bar end over the cable end as far as possible and tighten the set screw. Use medium lock tight on the set screws. Twist the bar ends up and down. Ensure they move past your brake, clutch lines, and lever ends without touching.

8. Tighten the bar end wedge bolts. The tighter the wedge bolts the firmer the guard position will be.

9. Install the plastic shields on the bar end. Use medium lock tight on the Allen screws. Do NOT tighten them too tight or it will twist the graphics!!

10. Check and retighten bolts and screws during routine maintenance.

Note: If you number plate design keeps the brake line from going behind the number plate, then trim the number plate flap on the left side leaving a minimal or no gap under the handguard bar and inner mount.
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