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I've tried multiple styles of hand guards and have finally found the ones for me. I'll never be worried about punching a tree or breaking a lever again!!!
Quality product.

Sam A., USA

Well built. Easy installĀ 
Of all the full wrap guards that I have installed these are by far the easiest. The flexible cable makes alignment a snap. Have already tested them dumping my bike in a pile of rocks. Protection is superb. They rotated slightly down on the hit and were easily put back in place with an upward whack of the palm.

Steven N.

I was really happy with the amount of adjustment that the handguards had. I ride a dual sport and things in the handlebar area get busy really quick. So it was great to find handguards that offer a lot of adjustability and strength.

Thomas P.

Great product. Easy, clean install and looks great, thanks!

Chris R.

Half Wraps
Awesome Service and Awesome Product
I love them they perform as advertised I am bragging to all my friends!

Terrell P.

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