Don's Story

Don Stanger is the owner of Reflex Racing and inventor of Reflex Hand Guards which are US Patented #US9499225B2 and #US10773766B2. Don has been riding dirt bikes since he was 6 years old. He has over 30 years’ experience working on and inventing garage mod solutions to his everyday frustrations. Let Don tell you how he was inspired to create Reflex Guards!

Years ago I started riding mountain trails and desert terrain determined to keep up with my faster more skilled buddies. The result = I crashed a lot!

This quickly made me realize I needed hand guards to protect my hands and levers. I purchased the cheapest thinking hand guards were all the same. But I bent and broke those right away. I bought the next price up only to discover I could break them too. This process continued until I designed my own flexible solution.

The problems I have found with other hand guards:
– inner mounts work down the taper on 1 1/8 bars and come loose when twisted in a fall, and
– more solid mounted systems tend to bend the hand guard bar or break the mount.

After several working prototypes I am proud to bring you Reflex Racing Hand Guards designed to:
– flex instead of bend or break, yet still provide semi ridged protection, and
– easily move back into desired position without tools.

Call me at 208-270-4433 to get all your Reflex Hand guard fit and mounting questions answered.

Thank you for your time,

Don Stanger

Don Stanger