Will the Reflex Racing handguards fit narrow bars?

Yes, they fit from stock 32" down to 29".

You can email Don@ReflexRacing.com for a quote on a custom fit set.

Will the Reflex Racing handguards work on Flexx bars?

Yes, they work excellent on Flexx bars because the patented cable union joint allows the handguards to flex with the bars. This means they also work great with regular bars because they allow the natural flex that is typically inhibited by standard wrap around guards. Some customers have reported they reduce vibration, we have not scientifically tested it so we will let you decide that.

Will these handguards work with a BRP Stabilizer mount or Flexx Bar combination?

Yes, the Reflex Racing Recurve handguards work around all sorts of setups (e.g. BRP, TrailTechs, and more). Call or send us a picture of your setup and we will be happy to confirm the fit.

Will the Reflex Racing handguards work with Renthal Twin Walls and some 2019+ Yamaha yz/yzf models ?

Reflex Racing handguards and most other brands are designed with a 1/2” diameter fastener at the end of the bars. Renthal Twin Wall and 2019+ yzf bars have a larger 5/8” diameter which is too big for the expansion type fasteners commonly used. This can easily be fixed with 1/2” clear vinyl hose found at most hardware stores. Insert the wedges into a couple inches of the vinyl hose then insert them into the end of the bars. It is a tight fit and usually requires a little persuasion with a hammer, but it works.
Threaded inserts will soon be available for the ultimate fix!
Until then, I would be happy to include some vinyl hose for free. Just be sure to request this in the comments when placing your order.

Can I get them to match my bike?

Yes, you can. Have fun selecting the color of metal, plastics, and graphics. Be sure to post your Rider Photos on our website and tag us on Facebook and Instagram.

How do I know if I have 7/8" or 1 1/8" handlebar?

It is a 1 1/8" if the handlebars are tapered, which means they are fatter at the center than at the ends where your grips go.

It is a 7/8" if the handlebar diameter is the same from end to end.

Do you make the flag style handguards? i.e ones that don't wrap around? 

yes They are the Halfwraps

Do you have FREE Shipping? 

Yes, we have Free Shipping on orders over $100 refer to our Shipping page for terms and conditions. https://reflexracing.com/pages/shipping-return-policy

Give us a call at 208-270-4433 if you have any questions, concerns or want to arrange an alternate shipping method.