RR Logo Origin Story

A few years ago we received this question via FB messenger,

"Hey guys, I think your product is top notch, but I have a weird question for you before I commit to a purchase on your [hand]guards...is your company graphic designed to resemble satan?" -May 5, 2015

Of course not, but it was cleverly designed and does have hidden symbolism and double meanings!!! To some they are obvious but and for others, we wrote this article.

The secrets, symbolism, and double meanings of Reflex Racing name and logo.

  • Reflex Racing acronym is RR – duh right.

Note: The use of RR is from Leslie’s government contracting background where they speak in acronyms. If you don’t know you aren’t missing much. Otherwise go ahead and geek out here. Ok, now let’s get to the cool stuff.

  • The original RR logo is from a pencil drawing by Don Stanger the inventor of Reflex Racing handguards.
  • The RR logo image is a skull which reveals Don’s influence and interest in 1980’s metal music.
  • The “skull” is actually the double R’s reflecting each other, one R for Reflex and the other for Racing hence Reflex Racing.
  • The digital RR logo was translated by Danny Adair, Pay Dirt Media into its current digital form March 19, 2015.
  • Danny Adair also co-created the tagline “Handguards That Rock”. Thanks man, Leslie loved it so much she ran with that hashtag #handguardsthatrock from then on.

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