The naming of Reflex Racing

Of course, there is meaning in the Reflex Racing business name. Not only is Don clever but Leslie geeks out over words, spelling, and multiple meanings. She was right there beside him challenging Don to weave even more into the name.Does the name Reflex Racing have a meaning?

  • The company name Reflexing Racing was hand drawn as a custom font by Don Stanger.
  • Reflex Racing many meanings:
    • the logo reflects the name
    • the handguard flexes
    • the plastic shield deflects (or reflects back what is thrown at it)
    • the rider must have reflexes
    • the plastic shield graphics reflect the name (check it out again)
  • The company name Reflex Racing was designed and intended to be reflected and reversed on the plastic handguard shields from the beginning – this was no afterthought.
  • The shape of the plastic handguard shields was designed such that they were symmetrical and could be reversed and used universally on either the left or right side. This resulted in what some call the “coffin” shape.
  • Jason Mora, Fokus Graphics captured Don’s hand-drawn font of Reflex Racing and co-created it to reflect the name and be read left to right and universal for left or right plastic shield.
  • We will stop hear because if we left it up to Leslie she would go on and on all the layers and connections to the skull representing Don’s hard head and more…

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